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Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel

Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel

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Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels are getting popular day by day due to their versatility and comfortability. Because of this, we would like to offer a new design of Pestemal Turkish Towels.

Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel is our new collection and is a symbol of a colorful life when you stay at home, during travel, sport, beach, spa, gym, yoga or yacht, etc. Due to its many uses, this unisex pestemal Turkish towel is suitable even for a summer blanket for your kids during the chilly summer nights. Pestemal Turkish Towel is also a great summer bath towel and is nice to wrap around your body like a dressing gown or sarong. 

Due to its traditional jacquard looming technique, it has a double site with different double colors.

Pestemal Turkish Towel has the perfect size for a large beach towel or a versatile travel towel that can meet all your needs as a bath towel, throw shawl, headscarf, scarf, picnic rug.

A multipurpose traditional flat-woven Pestemal Turkish Towel has its origins in the Hamam – traditional Ottoman public bath in Turkey. They are famous for their absorbency and hygienic soft texture.

They are so compact, highly absorbent, lightweight, and versatile suitable for everyday use. Pestemal Turkish towels are a practical alternative to the towel at home and in your bathroom. The perfect companion for the beach, spa, gym, yoga, or yacht! Perfect for traveling or camping as it is super lightweight, around 450 grams, and is easily compacted.

Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel is completely hand made by the master weavers using traditional wooden looms. Traditional hand weaving textile has a long history in Anatolia. Handweaving is mostly a local family business that passes from generation to generation. Small imperfections and variations in detail are normal and a welcome reminder of the intricate handmaking process. These Pestemal Turkish Towels are extremely Eco-Friendly because of their Sustainable Production. They are made of Premium Quality Natural Turkish Cotton, which requires less laundering, space, and drying than a typical towel. 

Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel is durable to frequent washing, and it is getting softer and more absorbent after every wash. You don’t need to change your towel every season.

Flamingo Pestemal Turkish Towel is also the perfect gift for him or her.

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Derviş Grandbazaar offers authentic silk, mohair, wool, local cotton textiles, old chest caftans, special dresses, bundles, kerchiefs, bath bowls, waist cloths that produced in special workbenches with particular care. Towels, pestemal, bathrobes and many others which rarely collected from Anatolia & its around…

Some of the highlights; special silk products compiled from various regions of Anatolia, authentically woven items, kaftans, pashminas, rare cloths, mohair, wool, bath accessories, bathrobes, and towels.

More Than 40 Years Experience Located In 560 Years Old Historical Grand Bazaar Istanbul Established In 1461 The First Shopping Mall of  The World.

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Special silk products compiled from various regions of Anatolia, authentically woven items, kaftans, pashminas, rare cloths, mohair, wool, bath accessories, bathrobes, and towels.

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