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Evil Eye Turkish Towel Pestemal - Beach Towel

Evil Eye Turkish Towel Pestemal - Beach Towel

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Our Evil Eye Turkish Towel Pestemal Beach Towel is made from high-quality Turkish cotton and features a beautiful double-layered natural cotton muslin. Traditional wood stamps and natural dyes are used to handprint Evil Eye motifs onto each towel.

Peshtemal, which is based on traditional Turkish textile workmanship, has become incredibly popular all over the world. These towels are ideal for a variety of uses due to their portability and light weight. They are perfect for a wide variety of uses because of their fast absorption and drying times, including but not limited to: spas, saunas, beaches, pools, camping, and more.

These multipurpose Turkish towels have made their way from the bath and hammam to the beach and sunbeds, thanks to their practicality and versatility. Take your experience to the next level with a towel that is both practical and fashionable, no matter where you go.

The Nazar Boncuk, or Turkish Evil Eye, is culturally significant in Anatolia and the Mediterranean. A popular emblem is said to guard against evil glare, envy, and negative energy.

The Evil Eye is a blue eye-shaped talisman. Concentric circles or a blue-and-white eye design are common on glass or pottery. This symbol appears in art, jewelry, décor, and accessories.

The Evil Eye is said to protect against ill intentions or negative energy cast by envy or adoration. It's considered to repel these negative gazes, protecting and blessing the wearer or location.

distinct civilizations have distinct versions of the Evil Eye, yet it all protects against negativity. The Evil Eye is a popular sign of luck, protection, and spiritual well-being in Anatolian and Turkish crafts, textiles, and décor.

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