Dervis Grand Bazaar Company Profile

Dervis Grand Bazaar Company Profile

The Dervis Grand Bazaar, working on manfacturing and marketing home textile products more than 18 years. The company founder Malik Tayfun Utkan used to be in the antique carpet business. During his business trips to Anatolia he started to collect old daugry pieces from small villages for his own collection. When he noticed that most of traditional weaving techniques of Anatolia are about to disseaper he had an idea of protecting them by reproducing them. He started to support families and masters of the craft from those villages to sustain their traditional family businesses. It was the begininnig of his new business.

First of all he started reproduction of traditional Turkish hammam towels and turkish pestemals. They were completely made by hand looms and weaved by old traditional weaving techniques of Anatolia. They were made of %100 natural Turkish cotton. They further developed this techniques and the materials like linen, jude linen, bamboo, silk and raw silk.

During those years the dervish grand bazaar added following items to their product palette:

Our aim is to support sustain Anatolian ethnic textile production and to continuously supply these products.

Besides marketing our products in our stores in the istanbul grand bazaar, we are exproting our products to all over the world. The majority goes to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. We do both retail and wholesale.

Meanwhile most of our overseas customers make their shopping through our web site :

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